Press Release

Gatineau, March 29, 2017 - More than 3.5 million North Americans – including many young athletes – suffer concussions every year, and a significant proportion experiences multiple symptoms and sometimes long-term effects which can include headaches, difficulty concentrating, and depression. Despite the rising prevalence of concussions, however, many patients do not receive adequate and timely treatment, and this can delay and even jeopardize their recovery. Research shows that a multidisciplinary approach – combining several healthcare professionals – is the most effective at treating and managing the symptoms of concussion and at getting patients on the road to recovery.

This is why next week’s launch of a new medical centre in Gatineau devoted to treating concussions is exciting news for the residents of this region. The C-CENTRE, located at 455 boulevard de l’Hôpital, Gatineau (Quebec), will open Monday, April 3 and it will be the first centre in Gatineau/Outaouais to offer concussion treatment delivered by multiple healthcare professionals for optimal recovery outcomes. Patients at the C-CENTRE will have access to doctors, neuropsychologists, athletic therapists, physiotherapists, kinesiologists, osteopaths, and psychoeducators.

“Concussion treatment and management must include an individualized, progressive return to cognitive activity and physical activity protocols,” says Dr. Maxime Chabot, who will be practicing at the centre. Dr. Chabot notes that myths about what it takes to recover from a concussion abound. These myths include the ideas that an individual can return to their regular activities as soon as their symptoms disappear, that concussions only occur as a result of a direct blow to the head, or that the best treatment approach is complete rest in a dark room. “It’s just not true – and it doesn’t make sense to generalize about how concussion sufferers experience their injury,” he says. “Each patient experiences a different level of trauma and cognitive impairment, and each will have their own road to optimal recovery. The professionals at the C-CENTRE have the experience and resources necessary to work together to make sure each patient receives the adapted care they need for their particular injury.”

With concussions rapidly increasing among young athletes, there is a special urgency for advanced treatment to be available to this demographic as well as better information for parents. “We look forward to not only treating athletes with concussions, but also to making parents, schools, and sports organizations more aware of what to look for among athletes that may have suffered a concussion, what to do immediately when the injury occurs, and providing them with the appropriate resources,” says Ms. Bianca Brigitte Rock, certified athletic therapist and doctoral candidate in neurotrauma and sports concussion research at the University of Ottawa.

The C-CENTRE will accept patients in the region who have suffered a concussion, and it will be publishing a regular blog related to concussion FAQs and treatment guidelines. The C-CENTRE doctors include Dr. Geneviève Rochette-Gratton, Dr. Maxime Chabot, and a neuropsychologist, Dr. Jennyfer Ansado.

For more information about the new C-CENTRE and for information about concussions, please visit the and contact the centre’s experts at or (819)918-6908. The C-CENTRE will open at 12pm on April 3.